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Large Animal Services

Bovine:  Routine Medicine and Surgery- Semen evaluationP1030293.jpg and Trichomoniasis testing- TB, Brucellosis and BVD testing- Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccination- Pregnancy determination via rectal palpation or ultrasound- Herd Health programs including vaccinations and parasite management-Health Certificates-Mobile unit available for on-the-farm treatment

DSC03258.JPGEquine:  Routine Medicine and Minor Surgery-Hospitalization for treatment of medical colic-Laceration repair-Wellness plans including vaccinations and parasite management-Breeding soundness exams-Reproductive services including pregnancy deterimination via ultrasound-Semen Collection-Artificial Insemination-Coggin's Testing and Health Certificates-Freeze branding-Mobile unit available for on-the-farm treatment

Sheep and other farm animals:  We do treat other farm animals, descriptions are under currently under construction.